Inspection Reports

In July 2018, the Northumberland Church of England Academy converted from an all-through single academy trust, into a multi-academy trust known as NCEA Trust.

Duke’s Secondary School continues to use the same school identification number (known as a URN) as the previous all-through academy, and published data from before 2018/19 will incorporate all aspects of what are now three separate schools.

Bishop’s Primary School and Castle School have not yet undergone an inspection as individual schools due to being newly-formed.


December 2018 – Ofsted visited Duke’s School in December 2018 to carry out a Section 8 Inspection.  You can download the report below:

Ofsted monitoring inspection visit letter to Duke’s Secondary School – Dec 2018

NCEA statement response re Duke’s monitoring visit

Our last inspection as the all-through Academy took place in November 2017.  You can download that report below:

Ofsted Report – NCEA (November 2017)

You can also view:

  • Bishop’s Primary School information on Ofsted’s website here.
  • Castle School’s information on Ofsted’s website here.
  • Duke’s Secondary School information on Ofsted’s website here.



As a Church of England academy, we are subject to additional scrutiny through the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS).  Our last inspection was as part of the all-through academy, and took place in September 2017.  You can download that report below:

SIAMS Report – NCEA (September 2017)

You can find out more information about SIAMS inspections here.