Cadets Go for Gold at Easter Camp

Easter Camp 2017


It has been an action-packed Easter for our Academy cadets.

Members of our Combined Cadet Force (CCF) took part in a three-day canoeing and cycling residential with outdoor activity specialists Thrills and Skills for Life (TASFL).

As well as pushing themselves to new limits and discovering hidden talents, they also gained qualifications that will count towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE).

Cadets working towards their Gold DofE also joined a four-day canoeing practice expedition with Jason Carroll of Tweed Tours.

NCEA CCF contingent commander, Maj Parker, said: “We had a fantastic adventure with Thrills and Skills for Life (TASFL) and our cadets have come away with both life experiences and qualifications.

“Importantly, friends have also been made, breaking down barriers between year groups. This bonding increases the resilience of students and gives them more confidence to go away more and try new things with their new friends.”

Easter Camp 2017


Chris Hall, founder of TASFL, said: “It’s not about learning to canoe or cycle or anything else. Although that’s good – it’s about learning a skill you could not do before, conquering fears and facing challenges.

“If you thought you could not do it this time, then did, how much more can you achieve next time further on in your life?

“I was also impressed by how the cadets brought their ability to pipe and dance with them. They were genuinely lovely kids.”


“I loved the kayaking and even though I got wet several times, it was brilliant. I also enjoyed going up on Hadrian’s Wall on the evening with my friends.” Cdt Mia Key.
 “It was a new experience and our instructor Jason was great. I now feel ready to take on my expedition and I am looking forward to spending that quality time with my friends on the River Tweed but knowing that I am heading towards completion of my Gold DofE.” Cdt Sgt Maj Leah Brown.

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