Inspection Reports

The Academy has been inspected three times this term.

We were inspected by the Church of England’s inspection team (SIAMs) in September and we were described as ‘a good Church of England school’. The inspection team recognised the work we were doing to improve the opportunities for every child and young person in the Academy.

In November, we had an Ofsted inspection and the Ofsted team found that the Academy still requires improvement. Although the Academy is described as requires improvement the report recognises many of the strengths and the progress the Academy has made so far.

Parents were complimentary in the feedback they gave to inspectors – amongst other comments from a parent reported by inspectors was: ‘I feel happy that my child is safe and well looked after’.

NCEA Executive Director, Mr Day, said: “The Academy has worked very hard to improve outcomes for all of our children and young people over the last eight years, amidst some very challenging changes to curricula, accountability and Ofsted frameworks, so it is very disappointing for us in a year in which we achieved some of our very best results in primary and at Sixth Form level to just achieve a requires improvement judgment.

“Much of the decision to keep the Academy in the ‘requires improvement’ category was based around Year 11 outcomes in 2017. The report states: ‘Pupils’ outcomes in key stage 4 have remained significantly below national averages over time.

“Inspectors found, however, that current pupils are making better progress across subjects. This is especially evident in key stage 3. Recent improvements in pupils’ progress and outcomes are due to carefully targeted support and increased challenge for teachers, put in place by recently appointed leaders.

“This is not the outcome sought, but the report has many positive comments to make about the work we are doing to deliver education in the communities we serve.

“To end with a quote from the Ofsted report and representing a parental view: ‘It is a great pleasure to see them go to school each day with a spring in their step’.

“We thank you, the parents and carers for your continued support and look forward to working with you to develop the Academy into an excellent school in which all of our children flourish and are able to lead lives that are exciting and fulfilling.”

The full letter sent to parents and carers by NCEA Executive Director, Andrew Day, can be found below:

The full inspection reports can be found HERE