Magical Takeover

The Wonderfolk of Woodhorn took over William Leech Primary Campus when the whole school took part in a day of activities organised by Bedlington charity Leading Link.

Wonderfolk is a brand new interactive family trail opening at Woodhorn Museum. Equipped with a magical lantern, visitors help to track down and uncover the stories and secrets of the Wonderfolk – magical, mythical creatures hidden underground among the coal seams.

Headteacher, Mrs Mullen said, “We’re very much into developing the creative curriculum here at William Leech and anything that will fire the children’s imaginations and develop writing skills.

“When we found out the Wonderfolk project was all about exploring local culture and heritage we were really keen to be involved.”

Read more about what our pupils thought about their day:

Harvey, 8

“My favourite part was the dance. I had an absolute blast doing it. I had really good fun making things and doing the activities as well. We wrote a postcard to the Wonderfolk and drew a picture of what they look like on the back.

Matthew, 8

“I’d like to go to Woodhorn in the summer holidays to do the trail because we’ll know where to look for the Wonderfolk because we’ve learned about them at school. I enjoyed doing the dance the best. And I loved making stuff. We imagined what we think the Wonderfolk homes look like and drew pictures and made them out of plasticine.

Abigail, 7

We saw a Fir Borg and a Flade [two different types of Wonderfolk] at dinner time – one was down a drain and we heard them. We saw a little red and white pointy hat. I’ve drawn a picture. We found some glitter on the Wonderfolk hunt at school – there were messages in a bottle and other evidence.  We did Irish dancing and special football. I liked making the little houses the most because we used plasticine and it was really good.

Sinead, 6

We made postcards to send to the Wonderfolk. We made little houses and put lights in it. I liked finding the shiny stuff because I like shiny stuff. I might have to pour some glitter around to see if I can find one at home. I’ll ask my mam if we can go to Woodhorn in the school holidays to see if we can find some there and help the Professor.


Scarlett, 9

I liked learning the dance the best. When get home from school I’l do the dance for my little sister (age 2) and I’ll be able to tell her all about what we learned at school today.


Maddie, 9

I liked finding the clues about the Wonderfolk and working out what they meant – we found leaves with glitter on that made a word or sentence on them. Our clay houses will be part of the exhibition and we’re looking forward to people seeing what we’ve made. We can’t wait to hep the Professor at Woodhorn, there’ll be more clues for us to solve and we can help to explain about the Wonderfolk to other because we’ve learned about them at school.