Safeguarding and Compliance is a central function of the NCEA Trust. By providing a professional service, our aim is to ensure that all of the Trust schools are happy, inclusive and safe places for children to achieve the best possible outcomes and that staff feel supported in their roles.

Safeguarding and the health and welfare of all of our children is everyone’s responsibility. At Trust level, we employ the services of a specialist safeguarding provider – Clennell Education Solutions, to support our Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) at school level to ensure a wraparound service for all of our safeguarding needs.

Our Safeguarding responsibilities across the Trust include:

  • Safeguarding standards, advice, training and systems
  • Supporting schools in the S175 Audit of statutory duties
  • Management of the allegations processes
  • Overview and monitoring of student welfare, safeguarding, attendance, early help, and looked after children
  • Policy development and compliance
  • Monitoring of the IT filter systems
  • Provide a strategic attendance team service including monitoring and tracking children missing in education
  • Provide an effective education welfare service, supporting the legal case work for persistent absentees
  • Support our schools and families in the exclusion process
  • Coordinate Freedom of information and Subject access requests
  • Facilitate the kinship carer group for Northumberland

We are active members of the Northumberland Safeguarding Partnership’s sub group boards for Early Help and Intervention, Education Reference Group, Schools Engagement Group and Operation Encompass.

For more information about safeguarding within the NCEA Trust, see the Safeguarding area of our website.