“At the NCEA Trust, we believe that school is about more than what you learn in a classroom, it’s about developing skills for life in a forward-thinking environment which promotes a culture of aspiration and success, alongside inclusion and a sense of social responsibility.” – NCEAT vision.

When people come together and work collaboratively, sharing skills and expertise, great things can be achieved. We have taken this principle and applied it to the Trust as part of our ‘School Improvement Support’ offer.

Inspiring Excellence through Individuality

While our Christian ethos and LIGHT values remain at the core of our work and translate across all of our schools and campuses, we understand that each school has its own unique culture and place within its local community, and that what one school wants might be at the bottom of the priority list for another.

Our Central Services team plays an integral part in developing and nurturing successful schools through the provision of centralised HR, Finance, Marketing and IT support, the majority of the capacity for improving our schools however, lies in the institutions themselves.

By enabling Principals and Headteachers to suggest and lead on improvement projects for their own schools with support from the Trust, we hope to create a self-driven culture of excellence which allows schools to maintain their sense of individuality while reaping the rewards of being a part of ‘something bigger’. In turn, through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and best practice as part of the Trust, our schools can widen their influence and benefit more children and young people across Northumberland.

Case Study – NCEA Warkworth C of E Primary School