Admissions Procedures

Bishop’s Primary School, Warkworth C of E Primary School and Duke’s Secondary School follow the admissions procedures of Northumberland County Council for primary and secondary age pupils. The Trust complies with the School Admissions Code February 2014 issued by the Department for Education.

Please see the Northumberland County Council admissions arrangements handbook for further information. You can also find our schools’ individual admissions policies on their websites.

Published Admissions Numbers (PAN) from September 2021

Bishop’s Primary School = 210
Duke’s Secondary School = 190
Warkworth C of E Primary School = 25

An appeals panel for admission to a school within the Trust is convened at the request of parents to consider the merits of their individual cases.

For parents / carers wishing to apply for a place at Bishop’s Primary School, NCEA Warkworth C of E Primary School or Duke’s Secondary School outside the normal admissions window, an In-Term Admissions form (Immediate Admissions) can now be completed online via the Northumberland County Council website.

Parents/carers should be made aware that completion of the online form does not guarantee a place at the school.

Admissions to Castle School

The admission of students with a statement of special educational needs is dealt with by a separate procedure. Students for whom a statement of special educational needs has been made in which Northumberland Church of England Academy Trust or Castle School is named will be admitted.

Where the number of applications for admission is greater than the published admission number, applications will be considered against the criteria as set out in Castle School’s Admissions Procedure document.

Please go to Castle School’s website for further information.

Bishop’s Primary Early Years Centres 

Children aged two and three are eligible to be admitted to NCEA Bishop’s Early Years Centres.

Three locations have Early Years Centre provisions: Thomas Bewick Campus and Robert Stephenson Campus in Ashington and William Leech Campus in Lynemouth.

The maximum number of children at each location is 20 in the morning session and 20 in the afternoon session. Preference will be given to children with LA funding.

Please go to Bishop’s Primary School website for more information.