About the Trust


Welcome to the 2018 website of the Northumberland Church of England Academy, a comprehensive school serving children of all ages in the communities of Ashington, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea and Lynemouth.

The NCEA is an exciting, innovative and rapidly-improving academy which seeks to ensure that all the children and young people we serve are given the very best opportunities in life to secure a future that is successful and happy. Excellence is our watchword; to inspire achievement and encourage compassion, our mission.

The NCEA is an Anglican school and promotes education within its Christian framework. We want all who learn and work within the Academy to let their LIGHTs shine! We do this through our core values of Love, Inclusivity, Goodness, Hope and Truth.

Every child has the potential to excel and it is our responsibility to unlock that potential through outstanding teaching; caring pastoral support; opportunities for enrichment; leadership development; all within a safe and secure learning environment that nurtures the individual.

No excuses are made for background. We believe all children can be successful and it is our duty to enable that success as governors, teachers, parents, carers and communities.

“It takes a whole community to raise a child” [African Proverb]

The Academy will play an active role in the community we serve – Northumberland. It will see all children in Northumberland as members of its community and will endeavour to ensure that it enables all children to achieve through close collaboration with a range of schools and other providers. We see the success of every child and every staff member in all schools as vital to our success. We will be an outward-facing school using our partners to unlock the potential of every member of our learning community.

We want all of our immediate community to lead learning – learning, and the very best teaching that enables it, will be at the heart of all that we do. Learning in the classroom and learning in the wider world will empower our children to be good global citizens who can continue the tradition of the many from our communities who have already played a role on the national and international stage in a wide range of areas.