Who we are

Northumberland Church of England Academy Trust (NCEAT) is a multi-Academy Trust based in South East Northumberland.

Comprising 9 schools spanning primary, secondary, further education and special educational needs, the Trust aims to provide an inclusive and diverse learning environment, underpinned by Christian values, where students are enabled and encouraged to

Let their light shine’

(Matthew 5:16)

Our Vision and Values

At the NCEA Trust, we believe in an education system that prepares students for success. 

Our ultimate goal is to develop well-rounded, highly capable individuals who, with the support of our talented teaching and support staff, can complete their learning journey with the skills and confidence that they need to take their next steps into higher education or employment.

To us, school is about more than what you learn in a classroom, it’s about developing skills for life in a forward-thinking environment which promotes a culture of aspiration and success, alongside inclusion and a sense of social responsibility.

The Trust’s Christian ethos is fundamental to all aspects of school life – where all are valued equally and included. All respected, nurtured, encouraged and enabled to achieve fullness of life (John 10:10).

We care for each other and we help others do well. We have a concern for justice and for the vulnerable, especially those in need. [Mark 12:31, John 3:16, John 13:24-35, Romans 12:10, 1 Corinthians 13, 1 John 4:11]

We are an open, welcoming and inclusive community that celebrates the worth of each person, and when necessary offers forgiveness and reconciliation too. [Matthew 6:12, Ephesians 4:2, Ephesians 4:32]

We work hard and always seek to do what is right. We encourage one another to treat others as we would like to be treated, to do good and to serve others. [Luke 6:31, Galatians 5:22, Hebrews 10: 24, 2 Peter 1:5]

We aspire to be the best we can be. We learn from our mistakes and try again with determination.[Psalm 25:21, Psalm 31:24, Psalm 33:18 , Romans 15:4, Colossians 1:5]

We tell the truth and are true to our word. We take responsibility for what we think, say and do. We encourage integrity and respect for authority. [Proverbs 12:17, Mark 12:14, John 1:17, John 8:22, John 14:6]