The ICT team at NCEAT are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of a vast array of software and hardware throughout the Trust. Providing day-to-day support for both staff and students, we aim to provide a friendly, approachable service to our users and network guests.

Key responsibilities:

  • Network security
  • Device management, installation and maintenance (laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, mobile phones and desktop PCs)
  • Email system management
  • Website login support for access to Google ‘G Suite’
  • Assist users in the use of their unique campus / departmental systems and Trust software
  • Printer management and maintenance
  • Network user management
  • Safeguarding filtering and monitoring software
  • Server replacement and maintenance
  • Wireless links to campuses
  • Student Records Database (SIMS) installation
  • Campus telephone system management
  • Online exam management
  • General advice to all users and guests on IT related topics

The team is made up of a range of primary and secondary school specialist technicians and is led by the Trust’s Network Manager, Roger Pearson. While the team is based at Duke’s Secondary School in Ashington, the team supports all schools within the Trust and is instrumental in helping to initiate new schools into the NCEA family.

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Our ICT Team