Central Services

The Central Services team is based in Ashington and provides support, expertise, information and guidance across the trust schools.  It consists of six departments and is led by the Director of Finance and Central Services, Alison Alden.   

  • Data
  • Facilities and Estates
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • ICT
  • Safeguarding and Compliance

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The Data team is led by Margaret Hall and has responsibility for

  • Management of the Student Records Database (SIMS)
  • Assessment Collection and Reporting
  • Data Analysis
  • Reports to Parents
  • Statutory Returns
  • Free School Meals Administration
  • Timetable Maintenance
  • Academic and Pastoral set ups

The Facilities and Estates teams are led by Jean Blackburn and have responsibility for all campus support services, including

  • Catering
  • Caretaking
  • Cleaning
  • Building maintenance
  • Health & Safety
  • Reprographics
  • Minibuses

Contact us on 01670 816111 extension 362, or call Jean on 07850 648964.

The caretakers’ helpdesk email address is Caretakers@ncea.org.uk (Josephine Butler site only)

The finance team is led by Alison Alden and has responsibility for all trust accounting activity, including:

  • Procurement, purchasing and payments
  • Budgeting and monitoring of performance against budget
  • Ensuring all funding is received and accounted for
  • Producing annual financial statements
  • Staff payments, including salaries, social contributions, pensions and taxation queries

Contact us on 016760 816111 extension 379 if you’d like to discuss anything to do with Trust finances.

The HR Team within the Trust are a professional, responsive, friendly and supportive team who have many years of experience to fully support the Trust’s needs.  

It is our aim to support the strategic aims through the development of people, capability and the organisation.  This is achieved by support with:

  • Recruitment, selection and Induction of staff
  • Staff retention, welfare and performance
  • HR policies and procedures
  • Continuing professional development and training
  • Safer recruitment – advisory, guidance and maintaining the SCR

If you need advice or support or have any questions for the team we can be reached on 01670 816111.

For Tracey Cook, Director of HR email tracey.cook@ncea.org.uk .

NJC Pay Scales
Teacher Pay Scales
Access to Payslips

The ICT team at NCEAT are responsible for a vast array of software and hardware throughout the trust and the implementation of technology to meet an extremely varied clientele.  We aim to provide a friendly, approachable service to our users and network guests.

Our responsibilities include;

  • Network security
  • Device management, installation and maintenance. (Laptops, tablets, mobile phones and desktop pc’s)
  • Email system management, website logins
  • Assist users in the use of their unique campus / departmental systems and Trust software
  • Printer management and maintenance
  • Network user management
  • Safeguarding filtering and monitoring software
  • Server replacement and maintenance
  • Wireless links to campuses
  • Sims Installation
  • Campus telephone system management
  • Updating the Trust section of the Trust website
  • Online Exam management
  • General advice to all users and guests on IT related topics

The team is led by Roger Pearson and includes John Catchpole (Deputy Manager), Ray Snell Network Specialist and Karl Carter based at the JB campus and Stewart Boulton who is our primary campus specialist technician and can be found twice a week at his primary campuses.

If you need to contact a technician please email any of the above or call extension 309 on the JB Campus.

Safeguarding and Compliance is a central function of the Trust . By providing a professional service, our aim is to ensure that all of the Trust schools are happy, inclusive and safe places for children to achieve the best possible outcomes and that staff feel supported.

Responsibilities include:

  • Safeguarding standards, advice, training and systems
  • S175 Audit of statutory duties
  • Supervision for Safeguarding Leads
  • Management of the allegations processes
  • Overview and monitoring of student welfare, safeguarding, attendance, early help, and looked after children
  • Policy development
  • Monitoring of the IT filter systems
  • Provide a strategic attendance team service including monitoring and tracking children missing in education
  • Provide an effective education welfare service, supporting the legal case work for persistent absentees
  • Support schools and families in the exclusion process
  • Provide 1-1 emotional support for referred children
  • Coordinate Freedom of information and Subject access requests
  • Facilitate the kinship carer group for Northumberland

We offer consulting, supervision and audit services regarding Safeguarding and Compliance, these are provided to schools within the Trust and can also be offered to external schools on request. We are active members of the Northumberland Safeguarding Partnerships sub group boards for Early Help and Intervention, Education Reference Group, Schools Engagement Group and Operation Encompass.

Email; Sandra Brown, Safeguarding and Compliance Director via sandra.brown@ncea.org.uk or learnerwelfare@ncea.org.uk or call on 01670 816111